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We were born in Italy and we also arrived in Albania!

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Ecletech is a company that has specialized in social media marketing and brand reputation. We offer quality services to ensure rapid and constant success of companies trying to make space in the digital world.

We are a professional team that is based on data and not on hypotheses! We are able to offer a 360 ° strategy by covering all the platforms currently on the web.

Digital marketing is the strongest tool for success in every marketing strategy. The method you choose to advertise your digital presence strongly affects the results you want to achieve. In fact, it is not enough only to post a slogan on websites or social media, it is necessary to create original content to distinguish you from your competitors and the large amount of content present online.

The digital marketing strategy does not exclude all other marketing tools, but works hand in hand with them, to quickly reach the set goals. Creating an efficient strategy ... is not as simple as you can think, indeed there must always be adequate and professional work to be able to reach your destination audience.

How does the 360 ​​° strategy work?

Our specialized staff is ready to help you, regardless of the size of your company. By optimizing the performance of advertising campaigns to the maximum, we will be able to create the best marketing strategy for your needs.

First of all you have to identify which/which platform/and use your destination audience. After that, we study how long people spend online and where most of their time spend.

Once the best platform on which to focus, we begin to build an ad hoc strategy capable of capturing the attention of the public and loyal to your brand is established.

Our Services

Website creation

Creation, development and maintenance of websites.
Large team that allows us to offer our customers a satisfactory result.

ADV e-commerce campaign

Our ADV campaign e-commerce service can help you bring your business to a higher level. With our easy to use tools and complete support, we can help you transform buyers online into paying customers.

Adv Social Media campaign

Socials do not arise to sell and advertise “direct”, it is true, but Advertising campaigns are decisive to increase your visibility and reach new customers. Discover our Digital Advertising service for Facebook ADS, Instagram Ads.

YouTube channel management

Being the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube offers users a wide range of information and videos on a variety of topics. Relying on our experience guarantees you a complete service of consultancy and management of your YouTube channel.

YouTube channel analysis

Team dedicated to analyzing your YouTube channel to create the best strategy that will help to grow your project

Influencer Marketing

The Era of Social Media … using the social platforms and influencer marketing plans, our team of experts, creates an effective communication strategy with you to achieve challenging and measurable goals.

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